2017 Ventureburn Tech Start-up Survey – South Africa

The survey has revealed some interesting views however, the results do raise some important questions.

ventureburn start-up survey


  • With >50% of start-ups working from home,
    • Is an incubator becoming irrelevant to tech entrepreneurs in South Africa?


  • With >40% of founders starting alone,
    • Should med aid companies be looking at different lifestyle plans for entrepreneurs?
  • We have too few ‘female’ tech entrepreneurs taking risks in our local market,
    • How many female engineers graduated with an Information Science degree in the last 10 years?
    • How are SA universities re-balancing this divide?


  • Access to funding remains a major hindrance to progress yet >50% of start-ups required 100k or less to test the viability of a product or service.
    • Why are entrepreneurship or commerce studies at SA universities lacking practicality?
    • How can national government incentivise Corporate SA to increase seed funding availability?

Corporate SA

  • With >50% of founders looking for a ‘greater meaning to life’,
    • Is Corporate SA missing out on innovative thinkers or creative execution in the 25-35 age group (as per research findings)?


What are your thoughts or questions about this survey?





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