What is an African Tech Billionaire doing today?

Source: Aaron Wallis recruitment firm

According to Aaron Wallis, a study of the world’s top 100 billionaires, as ranked by Forbes, just over half the billionaires assessed (53) started their careers working for other companies, while 17 started their own business and 30 billionaires inherited their wealth.

In terms of first jobs, of the 53 billionaires who worked for another company, the most popular starting point was in sales (10), followed by work as a stock trader (9), though software developers and engineering were also popular starting points (5, each).


It is not surprising that a salesman or stock broker is at position 1 and 2, seeing as each of these roles requires one to take risks, hedge bets and be absolutely ignorant to the surrounding ecosystem in order to acquire the big gains.

Interestingly, ‘ignorance’ may be an imperative factor seeing as ‘ignorance is the best partner for fintech entrepreneurship because if you know everything, you become more hesitant’. 

If an African Tech Billionaire were to come from a 8-5 working environment, research seems to prove that this individual would have one or a combination of traits in analysis, sales and\or engineering.


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