Fintech – get your game on

Here are 10 challenges and competitions SA entrepreneurs can enter in 2018! By entering these challenges and competitions, SA startups stand to benefit from prize funding, media exposure and even opportunities to partner with corporates. Seedstars World: With up to $1-million in equity investment up for grabs, this Swiss global startup competition for emerging markets is … Continue reading Fintech – get your game on

2017 Ventureburn Tech Start-up Survey – South Africa

The survey has revealed some interesting views however, the results do raise some important questions. ventureburn start-up survey Incubators With >50% of start-ups working from home, Is an incubator becoming irrelevant to tech entrepreneurs in South Africa?  Founders With >40% of founders starting alone, Should med aid companies be looking at different lifestyle plans for … Continue reading 2017 Ventureburn Tech Start-up Survey – South Africa

Know your VC questions!

If you’re raising money for your company and you are planning to pitch to angel investors or venture capitalists, entrepreneurs need to be prepared in pitching their startup by anticipating the questions they will receive. The failure to have thoughtful and reasonable answers to VC questions will decrease the likelihood of the company getting funded. You … Continue reading Know your VC questions!

What is an African Tech Billionaire doing today?

Source: Aaron Wallis recruitment firm According to Aaron Wallis, a study of the world’s top 100 billionaires, as ranked by Forbes, just over half the billionaires assessed (53) started their careers working for other companies, while 17 started their own business and 30 billionaires inherited their wealth. In terms of first jobs, of the 53 billionaires … Continue reading What is an African Tech Billionaire doing today?

Fintech Africa: Android vs. IOS

Interesting view for a Fintech entrepreneur in Africa! Why build an IOS App for your end user client base, if Android is clearly the market leader on our continent? I guess the O/S for MVP 1 seems like a no brainer!    

Eat while its Hot!

Part 1 of 2 This past week was a bit tough; I had to apply some deep reflection about my views on South African banking. It was the first time a peer at work had told me to not be so harsh on bankers, that banks’ were not ‘arteries’ congested by fatty transactional services. I … Continue reading Eat while its Hot!

Can a Traditional Bank transform itself into a Fintech?

I reflect on my last piece of work and two extracts stand out for me, There is an increasing need for local South African banks to consider doing business with a Fintech company. It remains to be seen whether any other South African bank would venture into this territory where acquisition rather than collaboration becomes … Continue reading Can a Traditional Bank transform itself into a Fintech?